Greg Miller

I am a software development manager who prioritizes the career and personal development of the people I work with. I love working with small teams on projects organized around agile/scrum principles, but am pragmatic enough to go for what gets the job done with the highest quality and lowest friction.

Work Experience

Software Development Manager (2013 - Present),, Seattle

I currently lead a team of engineers and learning designers to build and deliver onboarding and ongoing training for all new software development engineers and software development managers.

Prior to that, I built a team to maintain and improve Amazon's internal change management system, which processes over 300K changes a year across all aspects of Amazon's business. I also led a team of global volunteers to develop and facilitate workshops to improve change management practices, with 50-plus workshops run in multiple locations since 2018.

Software Development Engineer (2006-2013),, Seattle

Builder Tools, 2012 - 2013

This group focuses on building tools and websites that help keep Amazon’s developers productive and happy. I primarily worked on the front-end of an issue/project tracking system, which was written as a single page app using the Backbone framework, haml and sass., 2011 - 2012

This is amazon’s entry into the burgeoning local deal market. I was the lead developer working on integration with third-party deal providers. I designed and implemented a system that allows these providers to feed us data and receive reporting information, using ruby and AWS products like S3 and SQS. This message system is closely tied with our internal tools site, written in Ruby on Rails. I also led the effort to improve our testing coverage and trained other team members in writing tests using rspec and cucumber., 2010 - 2011

I contributed to both the front-end and back-end development of a complete site redesign. which increased SEO revenue and improved the overall user experience by streamlining the UI and making front-end performance improvements. Technologies used on this project included: Spring, Hibernate, Maven, TestNG, Selenium, JQuery and cucumber/cuke4duke. While working on Askville, I contributed to US Patent No. 8,903,751 (“Detecting Participant Helpfulness in Communications”).

Amazon Webstore, 2006-2010

I worked on a variety of high-traffic websites during this period, and contributed to the evolution of the Webstore platform from a Perl/Mason based framework to a more robust Java application leveraging Spring and jQuery for the front end. I led code and design reviews and worked closely with development teams across Amazon, in Seattle, Europe and India, to coordinate work and ensure that our dependencies came in on time and to spec.

Lead Build Operator/Lead Support Engineer (2000-2006),, Seattle

Responsible for overseeing 24/7 build and deployment cycle. Supported multiple development groups, and was responsible for scaling and optimizing procedures to fit customer needs. Led expansion of customer base from 3 to 10 teams, including taking on responsibility for first-line troubleshooting for database issues on one of Amazon’s most complex systems. Designed and implemented a group-wide reporting system using perl, HTML::Mason, Javascript, and CSS. Led migration of build processes from individual build machines to a more robust clustering system, which laid the foundation for a real-time build/deployment system.

Web Development / Production Editor (1999-2009), Art Access Magazine, Seattle

Developed a content management system, using Ruby on Rails, that allowed editors to prepare gallery listings for publication. Also performed proofreading and editing of press releases and feature articles on local arts events.

Ordering Specialist (1999-2000),, Seattle

I was responsible for fulfilling daily ordering quotas and maintaining relationships with book vendors. Took on responsibility for cleaning up order queue and reduced unfilled requests by 75%. Also responsible for training new employees, documenting procedures, and enhancing and improving the overall ordering workflow.

Distribution Center Problem Solver (1997-98),, Seattle

Used perl-based tools to quickly track and resolve problems with order processing in a Linux environment.

Graphic Designer (1995-1996), City Shopper Magazine, Boston

Used PageMaker and Photoshop to create advertisements for this weekly magazine. Also responsible for proofreading and copyediting, writing the weekly entertainment calendar, and outside design projects for magazine clients.


I have worked most recently with Ruby (and Rails), and have loved every second of it. I’ve also worked on sites created using Java (Spring/Hiberate) and perl (primarily through HTML::Mason). I use jQuery for client-side code, and have also used Prototype and Scriptaculous. I do my darndest to stick to BDD principles, using rspec and cucumber,and have also used jUnit, testNG and Selenium. For version control, I’ve used perforce, svn and cvs, but prefer git. Oracle and mySQL databases have backed the sites I’ve worked on. I have developed in Linux and Windows environments, but, given my druthers, reach for my Mac.